NaturalCheck shares your commitment to food that is healthy, safe and natural.

With news of food contamination worldwide, you may be asking what is safe to eat. NaturalCheck develops and distributes rapid, easy-to-use test kits to help provide the answers. We apply medical technology to food safety so everyone - from moms to scientists - can test today for a healthier tomorrow.

NaturalCheck was founded by Larry Bohlen, former NASA engineer, international environmental advocate and food safety entrepreneur. Our leadership team includes a molecular biologist, an international business development expert, a sales training company executive, and a former bank CFO.

At the heart of the company's vision - and its bottom line - is that people, profit and the planet are all important. NaturalCheck joins a growing number of triple-bottom line businesses, including Ben & Jerry's, Patagonia, and Stonyfield Farm.

We look forward to your feedback on tests you would like to see and on the food safety and environmental health issues that concern you. Send us your thoughts at email: customerfeedback@naturalcheck.com.